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We are a pan-European full-service pop-up provider and innovative outdoor media agency that combines fresh thinking with smart technology plus our knowledge of social media strategy.

With our head office in The Netherlands (Amsterdam) and dedicated staff in the UK and France, we offer brands, retailers and advertising/media agencies a physical presence in the form of a pop-up shop, outlet shop, window display, airport shop and concepts for ski resorts throughout Europe.

With an extensive database of experienced partners and a good relationship with city councils and retail managers across Europe, we plan the most effective strategy to ensure brands make a long-lasting impact with their target audience.


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Your ideal space might be a retail shop, outlet store, window display, airport shop or a concept for a ski resort. Leveraging our long-standing relationships with real estate and retail partners throughout Europe, we will procure you the perfect space, taking into consideration your footfall, duration, target customer group and budget requirements. We will ensure all necessary permits, paperwork and certificates are prepared.


We work with you to assess your goals and your target customer group. Working with your budget, we will plan the most effective strategy to ensure your brand makes a long lasting impact with your target audience.

Design and Execution

After the location is selected, we work with your strategy and budget to deliver your brand message in innovative and effective ways. We have an extensive database of specialist partners to ensure your pop-up experience surpasses your customers’ expectations.


We make it our mission to think creatively so your brand makes a long lasting impact with your target audience. We can leverage our sister company, Europe Real Estate (REP), a media and marketing platform that offers an extensive overview of real estate developments across Europe Media Kit. We also have established relationships with consumer fashion and retail media in the UK and we can also advise on social media marketing strategy.

Innovation is creativity with a job to do

John Emmerling


Ilona Taillade
Chief Creative Officer
Chief creative officer, Ilona Taillade, has created campaign solutions for the likes of Pepsico, Nissan, KPN and Prestige Diamonds. Previously recruited from Australia to Europe with the task of transforming a traditional advertising agency into a cross-media marketing consultancy, Ilona believes the future of marketing and communications includes creating an impact with an audience on the move and maximising the potential of pop-up events by using behavioural data. She’s passionate about combining her creative work for big-budget brands with helping young brands and designers enter top locations at affordable prices, without the long-term commitment.
Lucy Land
Chief Marketing Officer
BrandSpots’ chief marketing officer Lucy Land is also the founder of online magazine, West London Living. Having moved from offline to online media, she loves finding the balance between the two and exploring the latest channels to meet clients’ needs. Her favourite pop-up moment was overhearing WLL’s first birthday party (which featured bands performing in a London gallery window) being talked about on a Notting Hill street the following day.

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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere

Albert Einstein


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The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling

Cecil B. DeMille

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beurs van berlage building

Located five minutes from Amsterdam’s Central Station, walk into the reception hall of the Beurs van Berlage and ask for your contact person.

Address: Beurs van Berlage Building,
Damrak 247, 1012 ZJ,
The Netherlands
Website: www.brandspots.com
Twitter: @Brand_Spots
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